DuneDesign Artificial Felt Bag 50x25x25cm for shopping wood 25Kg Grey Red - B07CJTL6C3

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  • SMART MULTIPURPOSE BAG MADE OF ARTIFICIAL FELT: In two colours: a really attractive all-round bag by DuneDesign. A basket to keep firewood in by the hearth, a shopping bag to stow in the car, a toy bag for the nursery - this tote bag can do it all!

  • DOUBLE-SIDED TO RETAIN ITS SHAPE: The 5mm-thick, double-layered side parts are made of 100% polyester. This sturdy firewood bag remains upright and does not collapse, which makes filling and emptying it very much easier.

  • ROOMY AND ABLE TO CARRY HEAVY LOADS: This rectangular 30L shopping bag measures 50x25x25cm. When full, this hearth basket can carry up to 25kg in weight! Firewood, tools, books or waste paper - this basket can cope with anything!

  • HANDLES STRENGTHENED WITH CROSS-SEAM STITCHING: The soft material ensures that your hands are not damaged when carrying heavy loads. The fluffy synthetic felt also protects the contents of the bag and prevents scratches on the floor.

  • HAS A PRACTICAL KEYRING so that you can attach your cellar or shed key to the tote bag. The keyring is attached to a handle of the bag with a 20cm-long fabric strap, which can be tucked inside the bag, but is still easily reached when you need it.

  • Colour:Grey Red

    Universal all-purpose basket made of synthetic felt by DuneDesigny
    Firewood, wood briquettes, logs, newspapers, magazines, water bottles, empties, shopping, knitting and crochet accessories: all of this and much more can be kept in this XXL storage bag and transported from place to place.

    Household basket up to 25kg - perfect alternative to plastic bags
    This sturdy shopping bag fits into any car boot. It has 5mm-thick polyester and very well-crafted stitching which means it is very robust, and it keeps its shape when being loaded and unloaded. This basket can also be used as a washing basket.

    SAY NO to awkward boxes and crates
    This flexible basket is perfect for stashing toys in. This artificial felt bag is light, and children are able to lift it themselves. Also great as a craft basket or hobby bag for knitting and crochet - thanks to its roomy interior, the contents can be neatly stored and are easy to find.

    Secure tote bag for wood
    Unlike wicker baskets, for example, polyester baskets do not let splinters of wood fall out. It stays clean when used for storage - no chips and loose bits of wood will fall onto the floor. And the soft fabric won't leave any marks or scratches on laminate or parquet flooring.

    Artificial Felt - classic, practical, hard-wearing
    The flexible polyester-felt material is robust, repels water and withstands temperature fluctuations - it always looks neat. If it has surface dirt on it, you can brush it or suck the dirt off with a vacuum cleaner. If it gets really dirty, you can clean it with a damp cloth and washing products designed for wool.

    Extra Bonus - 20cm-long strap with keyring
    Your keys stay attached to the bag and this guarantees that you won't forget them!

    Measurements: approx. 50x25x25cm
    Height: (including carrying handles): approx. 39cm
    Material: 100% Polyester (artificial felt)

    DuneDesign Artificial Felt Bag 50x25x25cm for shopping wood 25Kg Grey Red - B07CJTL6C3

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