InterDesign 8 Hoops Metal Hanging Scarf Organiser for Wardrobe or Closet Also Works as Tie Rack or Belt Hanger Grey Large - B00193FJMG

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  • The dish drying mat provides a safe, non-slippery surface to stack and drain wet dishes; it prevents any smashing hazards around the sink

  • The dish drainer mat protects the metal of the draining board; it provides a protective surface to make sure no scratching or dents occur on the sink

  • The kitchen sink mat is designed to make draining a simple job; the pattern of the mat allows for excess water to drain through the holes

  • The sink protector is measured at 318 x 394 cm; it is ideal for use on any contemporary draining board and will fit in ideally in the kitchen

  • The anti-slip mat is crafted from durable, flexible and long-lasting plastic in a graphite colour; it is simple to clean - just wipe with a cloth

  • Colour:Grey  |  Size:Large

    Keep your dishes safe and the sink scratch-free with this essential draining board protector

    Why iDesign? At iDesign our sole focus is set on improving and enhancing your daily living environment. We do this through a wide range of products that bring innovation, style and organisation to your home. Each new collection is created by combining inspiration from modern trends with practical and functional designs. Whether you are looking for an update to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or elsewhere, discover it within iDesign extensive selection of products. With iDesign home organisation solutions, you can livesimply every day.

    About the Orbz Series: This collection was designed with modernity and functionality in mind. The Orbz Series contains a multitude of products created to make working in the kitchen easier. The products can be identified by their unique spherical patterns. If you're looking for an essential and fresh update to your kitchen, the Orbz Series is Ideal.

    The sink protector mat will reimagine the way dishes are done. The mat provides a safe, non-slip base for stacking and drying wet dishes. It makes sure they won't slip and smash or cause a mess. The dish mat also provides a protective layer for the sink, ensuring no scratches or dents occur. It is made of a durable plastic that is easy to clean and maintain.

    • Item number: 70663EU
    • Materials: Plastic
    • Dimensions: 31.8 cm x 39.4 cm

    Manufacturer's Description

    Use this practical and flexible sinkmat to protect both your sink and your washing up. Water drains easily through the holes in the mat and any larger pieces or debris will be kept back in the sink. The mat is made from clear vinyl so it is easy to keep clean and will look great in any style of sink or kitchen.

    Dimensions: 30.5 cm by 39.4 cm

    Materials: Vinyl

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    InterDesign 8 Hoops Metal Hanging Scarf Organiser for Wardrobe or Closet Also Works as Tie Rack or Belt Hanger Grey Large - B00193FJMG

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