Assorted Japanese Snack and Candy Box Set with Handmade Origami - B0774K856M

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  • - REAL JAPANESE SNACKS - All packages are shipped fresh from Japan directly to your front door or office.

  • - GIFT / CARE PACKAGE - Each box (well over a pound) is carefully hand packed and includes a seasonal, hand-made origami. Perfect care package for college students and members of the armed forces. Boxes can contain a premium selection of seasonal snacks (many only sold in Japan), dagashi (traditional Japanese candies), DIY candy kits and more! Sweet, Salty and Savory snacks. Perfect for party snacks, office break rooms, company thank you gift packages, holiday / birthday presents etc.

  • - LARGE PACK VALUE - Whether you are purchasing this box for a party, gathering, event etc. or just stocking up your snack shelf, we have you covered with a great selection of Dagashi, traditional and mainstream Japanese snacks.

  • All of our boxes are curated with well over a pound of real Japanese snacks and candies. These snacks are delivered directly from our offices in Japan, directly to your front door, and will never see the inside of a container ship. Each box contains a mix of full size and single serving snacks, and we include many seasonal snacks which are not sold outside of Japan. Packages also include a hand-made, seasonal origami. Note: Contents of the box will change with the season and availability, but the quantity, quality and selection will always remain constant.

    Assorted Japanese Snack and Candy Box Set with Handmade Origami - B0774K856M

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